Rea Dennis

Dr Rea Dennis is a theatre practitioner and performance studies scholar based in the School of Communication and Creative Arts, Deakin University in Melbourne Australia where she is Drama Discipline Leader and co-convenor of the research higher degree program. Rea’s creative practice investigates the link between the body and the land through juxtaposing the river with the body’s lymphatic and endocrine systems through walking resulting in socially engaged works: The River and the Immigrant Body (2015), participatory installation: River + Stones (2016) and Geo-choreographic Flow (2017). Her current project Moving out of Door (2017-) examines the principles of biophilia and explores ways in which they align to the natural impulse to move performance out of door. Through this she is seeking to understand the relationship between wellness and place, and the impact of wellness on identity and on our capacity to engage. Rea’s research interests span embodied and somatic practices, including perception training for actors, and theatre making and sensory dramaturgy. She has numerous publications in peer reviewed journals and is on the editorial board of Dance and Somatic Practices journal. She is vice president of the Australasian Drama Theatre and Performance Studies Association. Her performance work has toured to Europe, New York and Brazil, and Taiwan and New Zealand.