PhD Opportunity

The Climate Change Communication and Narratives Network (CCCNN) is inviting a proposal from a PhD candidate to examine the critical factors shaping climate change communication in this crucial decade for action.

The science on climate change is settled, and it is now social and cultural factors that will determine how – and indeed whether – we deal with climate change with the action that is needed in this decade. The way we communicate on climate change in the broadest sense is now critical to addressing the climate crisis. A project proposal is invited that maps and analyses the assumptions, intentions, modes, strategies and tools of climate change communication in public contexts to enhance the actions and the structural and imaginative changes required to mitigate climate change. The project will also examine public opinion and concern in relation to climate change, and identify better communicative avenues and strategies for tipping public concern into public action. A successful proposal will align closely with the aims of CCCNN, which has an outward facing imperative. Any proposal will therefore need to include a consideration of how the project might engender real-world action and effective change in seeking to understand how better to communicate climate change.

Project to be supervised by: A/Prof Emily Potter and Dr Gabi Mocatta, CCCNN co-leads

Key dates: Prospects can apply now through Deakin’s two-stage application process (EOI+Application).

Faculty of Arts and Education Expressions of Interest close Friday 29 April 2022

Full online applications for the May scholarship round close Friday 14 May 2022