Michelle Lobo

Michelle Lobo is Lecturer in Human Geography, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin. She centres race, place and encounter to explore planetary co-belonging. Her commitment to ethical communication that focuses on climate justice is inspired by research with diverse indigenous peoples and ethnic/ethno-religious minorities in Australia, India, USA and France. She experiments with more-than-representational methods, participatory visual techniques, film-making, 3D animation and storytelling. Given Australia’s climate denialism and the slow violence of climate change, finding innovative ways to communicate with diverse stakeholders from government, industry, NGOs, cultural institutions and local communities is urgent. Michelle is Editor, Social & Cultural Geography, Reviews Editor, Postcolonial Studies and Convenor, Cultural Geography Study Group, Institute of Australian Geographers. She has held ARC DECRA, ARC Discovery, AIC-DFAT grants, and published more than 60 scholarly outputs including 3 books.